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When education becomes relevant, learners fully engage.

Career-connected learning thrives in career-connected communities.

We solve some of the biggest challenges in education, helping learners and teachers make daily connections between what they’re doing now in the classroom and what they’ll do later in life.

K12 Education

A pathway begins with a single footstep and a mind full of questions.
Where do you want to begin today?

Community & Workforce


P2C products are designed to engage and help students and educators understand how daily lessons matter to future careers and goals, and provide ALL community stakeholders relevant and timely labor market information.

Our products connect each day’s objectives with each tomorrow’s possibilities.
When the lingering doubt of, “Why do I have to learn this?” is replaced with the propelling energy of, “I know why this
matters!” the academic journey makes sense. The voices and choices of students are not just meaningless answers
on surveys within the scope of P2C products. They are the most important directions on the map to success.

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what teachers are saying

Pathway2Careers is a curriculum that all math teachers have been waiting for. In our years as teachers, we all have heard the statement, “why do I need to learn this if we will never use it in the real world?” This curriculum is the answer.
Never in my 20 years of educational experience have my students ever experienced such in-depth career-focused math problems.

P2C Services

Even when the right decisions are made, successfully engaging stakeholders and implementing change can be challenging.
P2C services are breaking new ground in a territory that includes quality professional development, responsive technical assistance, and strategic plans. Schools, districts, educational groups, states, and stakeholders have quick access to the tools they need.

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